About Dr. Rob Grenfell

Interview with Rob 

What does your role involve at the Heart Foundation?

I am the National director of cardiovascular health responsible for the active living, healthy eating, aboriginal health, tobacco, and clinical programs planning and programs.

What about Parks Victoria?

I have the role of strategic health advisor. This has been in merging the healthy parks healthy people philosophy from the parks sector into the health sector.

What are the health benefits of connecting families outdoors?

Being in open spaces is very important for every individual, it promotes good physical and mental health. For families and communities being outdoors actually promotes good connections between each of us.

What is your most vivid Childhood memory of being in nature?

Swinging freely upside down from the highest branch in the tallest tree, with not a care in the world.

Why do you think it is important to connect with nature?

Basically nature grounds us. It gives us a reality, of how we actually belong on this earth. Importantly it can guide us into a way of enjoying life.

Where are your favourite parks in the Geelong Region?

Brisbane ranges and the Otway parks – hard to pick between them, they are both so different and both so magical.

What is your perfect day in the great outdoors?

Lying back on a rug, perhaps reading, or looking at clouds, always relaxing and generally with kids lying all over me.

How does being in a natural environment make you feel both mentally and physically?

I need to be in nature some time in every day. If it doesn’t happen I have an empty feeling. Just even the walk through the park in the morning on the way to work is enough to lift the mood.

Do you see the benefit in your children?

My kids have been exposed to lots of walks, bush camps and various outdoor activities. They demand walks and camping! Pointing out to them the unusual, beautiful and interesting aspects of the great outdoors has contributed to their appreciation of the wonderful world we live in.

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